Steelers offense sputters, Baltimore Ravens win Wildcard and will face New England Patriots next Saturday


A late touchdown by the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t enough to overcome the stout Baltimore Ravens defense in the second Wildcard game on Saturday.

The Steelers offense sputtered for most of the game, putting up three field goals until a Justin Foresett fumble led to a Ben Roethlishberger-to-Martavis Bryant touchdown pass with 11:01 in the fourth quarter.

Pittsburgh’s fate was all but sealed after a Big Ben interception led to Joe Flacco(18/29 for 259 yards, 2 TDs on the night) throwing a touchdown with about eight minutes left to tight end Crockett Gillmore.

The Ravens went on to win 30-17 and will face the New England Patriots next Saturday(1/10) at 4:35pm EST on NBC.


Predictions for all NFL Wildcard games via Fansided


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No. 6 Baltimore Ravens (10-6) at No. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)

Both teams’ antennas will be up even more since this is a rivalry game and bragging rights are on the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a 16-13 or 20-16 type game, however this one will come down to Flacco and Ben and giving how each has played this season, I’m siding with Ben on this occasion – plus he’s got the home-field working in his favor too.
Pick: Steelers 34-24

No. 5 Cincinnati Bengals (10-5-1) at No. 4 Indianapolis Colts (11-5)

Luck (led league with 40 TD passes) is obviously the best player on the field and having that guy on your team should alone make the Colts the slight favorite, although he can’t single-handily carry the Colts to a championship. Yet, I’m a big believer in “Sooner or later this team is going to get over the hump and get the job done after always being in the playoffs and suffering loss after loss” that applies to the Bengals losing three straight years in the Wild Card game. The Bengals are due to win at least one playoff game this year being that this is their fourth year in a row in the playoffs. No, I don’t think the Bengals are going all the way but I think they will find a way to win this game – no matter how sloppy and ugly it might be.
Pick: Bengals 27-23

No. 6 Detroit Lions (11-5) at No. 3 Dallas Cowboys (12-4)

his game will be a battle of who can control the line of scrimmage and even with Suh in the lineup; I can’t vision a scenario where the Lions front four will have success slowing down Dallas’ well-oiled running machine with the league’s leading rusher in DeMarco Murray. The Lions passing game isn’t as scary as in year’s past but is still more than capable of making the Cowboys defensive backs sweat some, but to what extent. This game is all about Dallas in my opinion. Their focused, in a zone, and are just a more complete football team that can hurt you in more ways than the Lions can. I applaud the Lions for overachieving this season but the Cowboys are playing like a team on a mission and a team that is looking to erase the “Will find a way to choke in a Big Game” stigma that has been following this team the last five years. This is a different Cowboys team folks and there out to show that in the playoffs.
Pick: Cowboys 41-20

No. 5 Arizona Cardinals (11-5) at No. 4 Carolina Panthers (7-8-1)

While Arizona has the more talented secondary (Patrick Peterson, Antonio Cromartie, Tyrann Mathieu), Carolina possesses the better front seven led by 2013 Defensive Player of the Year Luke Kuechly. The question I’m asking myself is, “Who’s playing better going into this game?” and the answer is Carolina. They’ve won four in a row and Arizona has lost the last two games. You can only go but so far with a third-string quarterback at the helm and I think the Cardinals will reach their breaking point in this game. They don’t generate enough points and the Panthers defense has played as good as anyone the last month. Cam will put up just enough points at home to win this game. Arizona’s luck will run out.
Pick: Panthers 21-16

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Using Vegas to help with your Daily Fantasy NFL lineups


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If you haven’t been incorporating Vegas odds into your Daily Fantasy Sports lineups, you have been missing out on a crucial angle.

For example, take a look at the QB odds by Vegas this week for “most passing yards by a quarterback.” What these odds would indicate is Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger are heavy favorites to lead Wildcard Weekend in passing yards.

Why is this important?

On DraftKings, Luck is the highest-priced QB at $8800, meanwhile, Roethlisberger is priced at $7300, or a difference of $1500. By swapping in Roethlisberger for Luck, you could save a significant amount of salary cap to be used elsewhere for what amounts to the same odds of producing passing yards. It’s an angle to consider when setting your lineups.



Similar to how we analysed prices for QBs, Vegas also gives odds for wide receivers. There are a few things to note when it comes to these prices:

  1. Antonio Brown is expected to record the most receiving yards of the week
  2. Calvin Johnson ($8800), Dez Bryant ($8500) and T.Y. Hilton ($7800) are all equal in terms of odds on who will get the most receiving yards between the three, but you can save yourself $1000 or $700 in salary cap space by going with Hilton over the other two.
  3. Steve Smith and Torrey Smith are both the same at 15/1 odds, yet Steve is priced at $5000 and Torrey is priced at $5400. You can save yourself a tad of money and basically get the same odds of receiving yards points.

Enter your lineup in the $2 Play Action tournament for a chance at $10,000 top prize!

Vegas has the Pittsburgh Steelers as favorites to win against the Baltimore Ravens – even with Le’Veon Bell’s status unknown


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Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers have one thing going for them — they are favorites to win against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Wild Card game on Saturday. It’s unclear whether stud RB Le’Veon Bell will be able to play after suffering a hyper-extended knee, so this point spread could go even higher, maybe placing the Steelers as favorites by a full touchdown if Bell ends up starting. What is clear is that Oddsmakers in Las Vegas expect Pittsburgh to win the game, placing them firmly into the next round to face off against the New England Patriots. Check below for the official line:

Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

Over/Under 47 total points