Using Vegas to help with your Daily Fantasy NFL lineups


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If you haven’t been incorporating Vegas odds into your Daily Fantasy Sports lineups, you have been missing out on a crucial angle.

For example, take a look at the QB odds by Vegas this week for “most passing yards by a quarterback.” What these odds would indicate is Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger are heavy favorites to lead Wildcard Weekend in passing yards.

Why is this important?

On DraftKings, Luck is the highest-priced QB at $8800, meanwhile, Roethlisberger is priced at $7300, or a difference of $1500. By swapping in Roethlisberger for Luck, you could save a significant amount of salary cap to be used elsewhere for what amounts to the same odds of producing passing yards. It’s an angle to consider when setting your lineups.



Similar to how we analysed prices for QBs, Vegas also gives odds for wide receivers. There are a few things to note when it comes to these prices:

  1. Antonio Brown is expected to record the most receiving yards of the week
  2. Calvin Johnson ($8800), Dez Bryant ($8500) and T.Y. Hilton ($7800) are all equal in terms of odds on who will get the most receiving yards between the three, but you can save yourself $1000 or $700 in salary cap space by going with Hilton over the other two.
  3. Steve Smith and Torrey Smith are both the same at 15/1 odds, yet Steve is priced at $5000 and Torrey is priced at $5400. You can save yourself a tad of money and basically get the same odds of receiving yards points.

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