Peter Clarke at @PlayerInsiders is up with his NFL Playoff predictions including Wildcard forecasts! (Chiefs?!)


Peters Predictions:

NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles
NFC West – Seattle Seahawks
NFC North – Green Bay Packers
NFC South – New Orleans Saints

Wildcard 1: Carolina Panthers – I’m a sucker for a team with a great defense and this team has it. I fell in love with their defense so much last year that I coined the term on twitter #TheDefenseIsReal whenever they played. Who knows how they will score points with that offense, but I like Kelvin Benjamin and with Cam Newton aka Superman, anything is possible.

Wildcard 2: Arizona Cardinals – If you look at the 2nd half of the year for the Cardinals, there offense was one of the best in the league. Palmer would be on pace to throw for 4700 yards and almost 30 TDs. They have a top 10 defense. Their offensive line will be their biggest question..

AFC East – New England Patriots
AFC West – Denver Broncos
AFC North – Cincinnati Bengals
AFC South – Indianapolis Colts

Wildcard 1: Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs almost stole the division from the Broncos last year. This will be their 2nd year under Andy Reid and their defense, despite getting worn down at the end of the year last year, is for real.

Wildcard 2: Miami Dolphins – Last year I said the Dolphins were 1 year away. They almost went out there and got a playoff spot last year. This year, they will be running an offense similar to the Eagles and they have so good solid talent on both sides of the ball.